Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bradenton Walkathon 2014 - Southeastern Guide Dogs

Although it was a bit warm and muggy, the rain threatening skies cleared and it was another beautiful day for the 2014 Bradenton Walkathon for Southeastern Guide Dogs.   The Bradenton Puppy Raiser Group had a good turnout with the following raisers/members present:  Helen and Rebekah with Cash, Shirley with Millie, Mary with her dog Marina, Linda and Jeff with Leah, Bette with Sophia, Marjorie with Sotheby, Richard and Meisha with Cooper Michael, Mickey and Preslie with Archie, Tammy with Dixie, Deb with her pug Sumo, Amanda, Steve, Lis, Joanne,  Joe, Susan and Lady.  If I have left anyone out, please forgive my oversight. 

Following are some random pictures from today's event.  Mickey took some beautiful photos of his daughter Preslie and their puppy Archie. Thanks for sharing them Mickey!

From Left to Right:  Shirley w/Millie, Helen w/Cash, Tammy w/Dixie, Jeff and Linda w/Leah, Mary w/Marina, and Bette w/Sophia.

From Left to Right:  Bette w/Sophia, Helen w/Cash, Joey, Richard and Meisha w/Cooper, Lis, Shirley w/Millie, and Linda and Jeff with Leah.  On center stage being introduced as the Bradenton Puppy Raiser Group.

Brothers:  Cooper and Archie 

 Preslie with Archie

Preslie with Archie.  Love the loose leash and the attention to her pup.

Tammy with Dixie.  Notice the great attention between raiser and pup!

The Mayor of Bradenton Beach, Bill Shearon gave a nice speech accompanied by his guide dog.

Meisha having what looks like an interesting conversation with puppy Cooper.

Linda with puppy, Leah.  Although walkathons are fun, they sure can be tiring.

Thanks to everyone who turned out today to support Southeastern Guide Dogs.  Lady and I hope to see some of you again at the Sarasota Walkathon on March 29th!

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