Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lakewood Ranch Meeting - March 18, 2014

Recently, Jen Gerrity posted an article on Facebook from a blogger who attended a Suzanne Clothier seminar about great ways to check in with your dog by asking questions...  

Question 1: Hello?
Perhaps the easiest of the questions, this is the one that most people fail to ask. Literally, we are asking the dog if they’d like to interact with us, rather than
 assuming that they do. People tend to overwhelm dogs, thinking that we have the right to invade their space, and this question makes us step back, and respect the dog’s desires, too. 

With that being said, here are a few pictures of the raisers saying "Hello" to their dogs.

Emily and Gus

Linda and Leah
Mickey and Archie
Shirley and Millie

Helen and Cash

While most of the pups are ready to walk through the gauntlet of distractions, some have a few moments of inattention - however, they all get back on track with a bit of direction from their handler.
Tammy and Dixie
Melissa and Luke
Millie gets distracted, but Shirley corrects her lunge...  

and redirects her back to the walk.   Good Job! 

We also had a new Puppy Raiser applicant at this meeting - Betty, her husband Ed, and his guide dog, Sammy.  Welcome to the Bradenton Puppy Raiser Group, we look forward to getting to know you.

Many of our raisers get together and go on optional outings to give their pups exposures to different places -
Shirley and Mary with Mille at the Bradenton waterfront.

Our adopted members, Kathie and Tavish.  

Kathie is raising Tavish for an organization called Leader Dogs for the Blind, in Rochester Hills, MI.  She has been down here for the season, attended our meetings and went on optional outings with Shirley, Mary and Helen.   We have truly enjoyed having them with us and wish Kathie and Tavish the best of luck as they prepare to go back home for the summer!  

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