Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Not a Coat, It's a Cape

Several really cool billboards have sprung up in Manatee County, FL in the past few days. Manatee County is the home for Southeastern Guide Dogs' main Palmetto campus.

The billboards depict an adult yellow Labrador Retriever wearing a blue guide dog in training cape style coat. The words 'It's Not a Coat, It's a Cape' are embroidered on the coat. A young yellow Lab puppy is wearing a plain blue cape style coat.

Yes, as with super heroes, the cape signifies doing extraordinary things to help others. Isn't that the perfect analogy for a guide dog puppy in training?

Take a moment to think about it. Puppy Raisers are special people who work with their puppies to get them ready for Guide Dog U. Many of these puppies grow up to do extraordinary things to help and guide others. Wow, it's all pretty awesome.

Let the capes soar!


  1. What a memorable,sweet and good takeaway back to New England!!

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