Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Pups!!!

The Bradenton Puppy Raiser Group has four new puppies that are attending Kindergarten classes before joining the regular group.  Please help us welcome these darling newcomers. 


Archie is a handsome male yellow Labrador being raised by Mickey C. and his daughter Preslie.  Archie is a Legion X Birdie pup and is the brother of Cooper Michael.

Cooper Michael-

Cooper is a laid back, handsome male yellow Labrador being co-raised by Richard G. and Meisha W.   Cooper is also a Legion X Birdie pup.


Dixie is an adorable Black Goldador female being raised by Tammy K.  Dixie is just as sweet as can be and yet can hold her own when playing with the boys. She is a Worthington x KGC Queen puppy.


Luke is our youngest new pup born on November 16th, he is a happy Golden Retriever pup being raised by Melissa and Chris W.

If you happen to see any of our newest pups out and about in the Bradenton area please feel free to stop and talk to the puppy raiser, just make sure that you always ask for and await permission before petting the puppy.  Our pups are in the process of learning how to behave in public and are being taught to have the proper manners when being greeted, so the raiser may ask you not to pet the puppy if the puppy is too excited and not sitting calmly.  Your understanding and assistance can help us make these young pups the best candidate guide dogs possible.

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