Sunday, November 27, 2011

Orban's Nursery Annual Poinsettia Sale

The Bradenton Puppy Raisers enjoyed a meet & greet plus assisted with parking cars at the annual Orban's Nursery Poinsettia Sale in Bradenton, FL. The nursery is open to the public just one day a year. A barn is turned into the plant sale headquarters the day before 100,000 poinsettias are shipped to garden centers and grocery stores for sale during the Christmas holidays. A portion of the proceeds from today's sale are donated to Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Marty Orban, who with his family owns and operates the nursery, was touched when the money donated from the plant sale two years ago was able to sponsor a puppy. The male black & tan Labrador Retriever puppy born on January 3, 2010 was named Orban and raised by Alice Gross in Bradenton. He was able to visit Orban's Nursery several times as a Puppy in Training. The circle was completed at today's poinsettia sale as Gwen, along with Guide Orban, came to Orban's Nursery to show their appreciation to his sponsor. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Let the Season Begin!

Marty Orban welcomes Gwen and Guide Orban to the annual
poinsettia sale at Orban's Nursery in Bradenton, Florida.

Orban yawns before being filmed for Channel 7 News.

Employees at Orban's Nursery who met Orban several times as
a puppy were happy to welcome Gwen to the nursery.

Susan with Ambassador Millard.

Puppy Raisers and SEGD Volunteers enjoyed meeting and
greeting the many holiday shoppers.

In a greenhouse full of poinsettias, Orban gives lots of love to Gwen.

Our own Christmas "Spirit" 2011.

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