Friday, November 25, 2011

Southeastern Guide Dogs Memorial Gardens

For those of you who have visited the Southeastern Guide Dogs Memorial Gardens, you know what a beautiful and peaceful place it is. Located just west of the iconic statue by the late Stephen Huneck, there is a circular brick walkway that meets up with the Rainbow Bridge. This never ending circle of love surrounds lush foliage, trees, and a fountain. Memorial donations in the form of personalized benches, river rocks, bricks and brightly colored dog bones are thoughtfully placed within the circle. The Dog Memorial Gardens are for SEGD dogs and the faithful pets of supporters of this organization. These animals have given independence and freedom to some, been breeders of other guide dogs, were Ambassadors or service dogs, and faithful companions.

Please visit the following website to read more about the Southeastern Guide Dogs Memorial Gardens and enjoy the beauty of the setting in the pictures below.

Not sure about the perfect gift for that dog person in your life? For a $25 donation a memorial bone, in the colors to signify the rainbow and permanently attached to the Rainbow Bridge, might be just the thing that would touch their heart.

Take a walk down the Freedom Trail to the Memorial Gardens.

Before crossing the wooden bridge into the Gardens you
will come to the Circle of Friends, which is next to
the new Southeastern Guide Dogs Gift Shop.

The late Stephen Huneck's statue of a guide dog user
and her black Labrador Retriever Guide dog is the centerpiece
of the circle.

The area was designed to offer a place for peace,
tranquility, and reflection.

The foliage is lush and colorful.

The Rainbow Bridge forms part of the walking path connecting
the brick walkways.

The bridge is being lined with colorful memorial dog bones
in memory of SEGD dogs or faithful pets.

Won't the bridge be beautiful when both sides of the walkway
are lined with the colorful memorial bones?

Check out the website listed above the pictures to see how you can
order your memorial bones for the Rainbow Bridge.

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