Monday, March 5, 2012

Guide Dogs Matched In The March 2012 Class

The following dogs have been matched in the March Class. Just a reminder that there can be changes in any class at any time.

Southeastern Guide Dogs March 2012 Class Matches
Joey - BlxG/M - raised by Dave Mihulka of our SouthShore(South Hillsborough County, FL) group

Bo - YlxG/M - raised by Roger Jackson of our Ft. Myers group

Berniece - BLF - raised by Diane and Glenn Anderson of So. St. Pete group

Mario - YLM - Jennifer Privateer of our Gainesville group

Mitch - raised in St. Petersburg, FL

Iris - SCC - raised by Margaret and George Horvath of our Lakeland/Winter Haven group

Zac - YGxL/M - raised by Jocelyn Hargrove of our Orlando/Daytona group


  1. Congratulations to Dave. Joey was amazing!! And congratulations to everyone. 8-)

  2. Mitch from st petemis matched as well!