Thursday, February 23, 2012

Welcome New Guide Dog Puppy in Training: Brady!

The Bradenton Puppy Raisers Group has a new puppy and the group is his sponsor! Last year the BPR group raised the funds needed to name a puppy. The group suggested several names and then voted. Brady narrowly won over Braden...both with the first four letters of Bradenton in the name.

Brady (86PD11) was born on October 8, 2011. He is the second puppy being raised by Debbie & Mike Sutherland. Their first puppy is Charity (3W10 - Gigi/Tony litter) who is now IFT at Guide Dog U.

Brady was born off campus and donted by a breeder. He is a very good puppy with a stubborn side. He has done an excellent job learning his obedience commands. Brady has been a blessing in the Sutherland home. Debbie and Mike are truly enjoying the experiences they have had raising puppies for Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Debbie, pictured to the left with Brady, talks with Nancy, a breeder host & Ambassador handler and Susan, the incoming AC of the Bradenton group and her puppy in training, J.P., #13 of 14 in Miss Faye's litter.


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  1. We had the pleasure of knowing Brady for a very short time in his life. He is a wonderfully smart dog, knows his commands and is a great natured animal. Unfortunately his first career was not to his betterment. I think he is truly in his God ordained career now, His gift is comfort to man and companionship. He is a very loving creature and deserves a kind and loving environment with no stress for the rest of his life. God bless you Brady! I miss you!!