Saturday, June 7, 2014

Photo Scavanger Hunt

Beautiful Summer Morning 
Bradenton Puppy Raiser Meeting

The Bradenton Puppy Raiser Group met at the Ellenton Outlet Mall this morning.  We started  at a little after 9 a.m. so the stores were not yet open, the entire place was pretty much ours, and the temperatures were still comfortable.

Miss T, our newest member, is conserving her energy by leaning against her Dad before the start of the meeting. 
After going over announcements, we did a short obedience session where all the raisers had their pups sit in a large circle and one at a time a raiser walked their pup around the inside of the circle.   This exercise allows me to see how the dog being walked is doing on their loose leash walk and also how willingly they will give their attention to their handler and not the pups they are walking by.

It also allows me to see how well the pups that are sitting in the circle can do on a Sit and Stay, when they see a dog approaching and walking in front of them.

Sweet Sophia, is demonstrating the relaxation technique of lying down and waiting patiently when Mom is standing quietly.
Kids and Puppies - they just go together.

It was then time for the raisers and their pups to go out and about looking for Scavenger Hunt answers from a list of clues they were given.

"Sea a cow that does not graze" was one of the clues and it looks like Steven and Miss T have found the answer.  A Manatee, of course.

A bonus clue was, "Neither basketball, tennis, nor law."  I wonder if these two raisers and their pups will happen to look up?   Not a basketball COURT,  not a Tennis COURT, nor a COURT of law....but a FOOD COURT would work.

Luke, a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy in training,  is demonstrating a wonderful loose leash walk with Lis and  his handler Melissa.
And the winner is.....Leah with her raisers, Jeff and Linda.  Since we had a three way tie at the end of the game, Leah won in an obedience playoff by holding her Down and Stay longer than the other two pups.  Good Job, Leah, and CONGRATULATIONS!
Thanks to all of the wonderful puppy raisers in the Bradenton Group for another fun meeting.  You are all doing a nice job with your dogs and today they demonstrated just how well they are all doing.  From the youngest to the oldest, they all behaved very nicely and you should all be very proud.  


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