Sunday, April 21, 2013

Puppy Meeting at Tom Bennett Park

This puppy meeting took place at the beautiful Tom Bennett Park. 

We all met under the pavilion. 

AC Susan introduced the group's newest member, JJ,

JJ is being raised by Deb
and announced that two of our pups, Diesel and Kita, would go IFT (in for training) that Saturday (4/20/13). She then split us up into two groups and we each walked around one of the lakes.

Bo's in the lead with Shadow and Cory behind. 
About a quarter of the way around the lake we came across a pier and let the pups get used to the feel of being out by the water.

From the pier we could see an alligator looking for it's next meal:

When we finished our walk around the lake we all met back at the pavilion. The dogs did a great job working with some basic commands while walking.

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