Thursday, September 6, 2012

September Class Match - Congratulations J.P.

Congratulations J.P.

J.P. 13E11, the 13th of 14 puppies born to Black Labrador Retriever Miss Faye and Golden Retriever Max has been matched in the September Southeastern Guide Dogs class.

Guide Dogs aren't just born, 
they're raised one miracle at a time.

J.P. was co-raised in the Bradenton Puppy Raisers group by Fran Kramer and Susan LeBourgeois. J.P. was the tenth puppy Fran has raised. Five for "The Seeing Eye" in Morristown, N.J. and five for Southeastern Guide Dogs. She has also finished two dogs for SEGD and currently does work in the community with her Ambassador dog and films the puppies in the kennel for the SEGD website's Puppy Cam. Susan, who is the Area Coordinator for the Bradenton group has finished one dog and J.P. is the first puppy she has raised for Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Fran, left, J.P. and Susan pose for a picture in front of 
"The Rock" before J.P.heads to Canine College 
on campus at Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto, Fl

Susan & J.P. stand in front of his puppy picture on 
'In for Training' day.

If you see a blue pick-up truck with JPDog on the license plate, 
be sure to give Susan a wave.
It's obvious that the puppies in training are raised with love.


  1. Congrats to Fran and susan and JP and his fortunate future Graduate

  2. Oh that is so exciting! so glad to hear it! They must be so proud!

  3. Thanks Laurie and Bamboobear. J.P. is certainly a wonderful dog and surely will make a great guide dog.