Monday, June 11, 2012

June Class Matches

The following are the class matches for the June, 2012 class at Southeastern Guide Dogs. 
Be mindful that there can be changes in any class

The following dogs have been matched in the SEGD June Class:

Jim – BLM – raised by Kerry Kriseman of So. Pinellas group
Wayne – BLM – raised by Amanda Matthis of Albemarle , NC 
Randy – BGxLM – raised by Karl and Sharon Whitehead of SouthShore, FL 
Shirley – BLF – raised by Carol Shipley of Dallas , TX group
Sarge – YLM – raised by Frank Petrellis of Orlando , FL group
Mako – BLF – raised by - Joyce Wells of Albemarle , NC group
Mitch - BLM - raised by Heather Gibbs of South Pinellas , FL 
Saudhi – BLF – raised by John Shimerda and Shay Doerner of South Sarasota, Fl 

Congratulations Puppy Raisers!

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