Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome New Guide Dog Puppy in Training: Kita!

Welcome new guide dog in training, Kita!
Kita, a male black Labrador Retriever is being raised by first time puppy raiser Helen H. She and her husband have always had a dog in their life. While having dinner at Miller's Dutch Kitchen in Bradenton, a group of Southeastern Guide Dogs in training and their trainers came into the restaurant for lunch. This proved to be the spark that encouraged them to apply to be puppy raisers as they both felt this was a wonderful opportunity to help others.
Kita was born December 12, 2011 and his tattoo is 125GPD11. He is a sweet, loving puppy with a bit of a stubborn streak. He loves being outdoors and being around Helen's grandchildren.
Kita means "north" in Japanese and was the name of his sponsors first dog, who was instrumental in them falling in love with all dogs.

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