Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Class Matches: May, 2012

Congratulations Puppy Raisers!
It's such a proud moment...it seems like only yesterday when the little nine week old fluffy puppies came home and now they are graduating.  
The following dogs are the Southeastern Guide Dogs Class Matches for May, 2012.
Be mindful that there can be changes in any class. 
Puppy Raiser Day is scheduled for May 5, 2012.

Hedwig – BLF – raised by Liz Darmochwal of Charlotte , NC
LukeYGxLM – raised by Taunnie Novak of Jacksonville , FL group
Houston – BTLM – raised by Cindy Mannor of Houston , TX group
Commodore BLM – raised by Lois and Bill Gagne of North Pinellas FL group
Emmy – YLF – raised by- Jenny Cole of Albemarle , NC group
Bob -YLM - raised by Jillian Grode of Tampa and South Pinellas , FL groups
Waffles – BTLF – raised by Beth Fish of Charlotte , NC group
KelseyBLF – raised by Gail and Pat Gagliardi of Ft. Myers , FL group

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  1. They Grow Up So Fast!! Seems like yesterday Bo was such a little thing. :D