Thursday, January 26, 2012

Giving a Presentation? A Book Might Be An Interesting Ice Breaker For Any Age Group

Puppy Raisers are often times asked to discuss their role in raising a puppy for Southeastern Guide Dogs to a group. There is a lot of fun activities that can be done for a presentation. Literature from SEGD is always helpful to give to the group. Telling about a day in the life of a Puppy Raiser (or guide dog puppy in training) always proves interesting for a group who has little or no experience with puppy raising. A tie-down, approved toys, a non-approved tennis ball and the story behind why it's not approved, and the puppy raiser manuel helps the group to visualize the job of the Puppy Raiser and the consistency required of the more than 200 puppy raisers for SEGD. A book is also a wonderful way to introduce a day in the life of a guide dog puppy. Especially nice to read to children, a childrens' book can be enjoyed by all ages. The following book was written and illustrated by Southeastern Guide Dog Puppy Raiser Warren Brussee and is available through Amazon. It is written from the perspective of the guide dog puppy in training. A nice addition to have in a bag to take to a presentation.

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