Friday, October 21, 2011

Obedience Class at SEGD

One of the fun things about the Bradenton Puppy Raisers group is that we are in Manatee County, Florida....the same county where Southeastern Guide Dogs main Palmetto campus is located. We are able to take advantage of many on campus offerings at SEGD and meet many of our fellow puppy raisers from other groups as they come to campus to attend various activities.

Yesterday, several Bradenton PR's were attending an obedience class taught by trainer Karen Mersereau. The puppies in training and their raisers practiced a forward walk, obedience commands, and a meet and greet. Hope you enjoy the pictures taken during the obedience class.

Class begins with a forward walk around the SEGD parking lot.

Susan and J.P. (Miss Faye's litter) practice a sit/stay.

Karla and Trey (Ashley/Sparky litter) practice the down command.

Sue and Frela (Dottie/Boomer litter) demonstrate proper handling techniques for a puppy raiser.

Demonstration of proper handling techniques to counter dog distraction.

Getting closer....beginning the meet & greet exercise.

And closer....good job by the puppies and their raisers!

Trudy and Legion from the St. Petersburg PR group.

Cheryl and Jam from St. Petersburg.

Mike and Lucky from the North Sarasota PR group.

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