Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weekly Spotlight - Trey 7D11

The handsome yellow Labrador pictured above at a Bradenton Puppy Raiser beach meeting is Trey, who just turned seven months old. He was born February 6, 2011 and is part of the Ashley/Sparky litter. He has an energetic personality and loves people - especially children. He likes to please his puppy raiser family and enjoys taking walks, chewing on his toys, and treats.

Trey goes to work daily at a nursing home with his puppy raiser Karla Van Beek. He also enjoys soccer games with his two-legged brother & sister, volunteering at their school, going to church, and shopping.

Karla is a first time puppy raiser and she has enjoyed this experience very much. Her husband and two young children enjoy helping out with Trey, also. He goes everywhere with his puppy raiser family and has brought them a lot of joy. They are very proud of Trey and want us all to know he has been a real blessing to their family.

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