Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekly Spotlight - Nelson 5Y10

The handsome black Labrador Retriever pictured above is
Nelson 5Y10.
He was born on October 25, 2010 and his parents are Rex & Rey.

Nelson is a playful puppy who is very smart and is good at his obedience lessons.

Nelson is being finished by Alice Gross in the Bradenton Puppy Raiser group. She has volunteered with Southeastern Guide Dogs for the past 7 years and has finished 12 dogs...Nelson is her 13th finishing dog. Alice has raised just one dog from a puppy. That dog, Orban was recently matched in the September 2011 SEGD class.

Alice tells us that she has finished dogs of all different ages and each one has their own special challenges and rewards. She planned to stop being a puppy raiser after 12 dogs but....she loves every minute of raising and now doesn't know how many more special SEGD pups she will bring into her home to help them learn specific skills before going back to Guide Dog U. for training.

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