Sunday, September 11, 2011

Puppy Meeting at SEGD's DTC in Sarasota

It was a beautiful day for the Bradenton Puppy Raiser's Saturday meeting at Southeastern Guide Dogs' Downtown Training Center.

After meeting in the SEGD parking lot for information and announcements we walked through the Farmer's Market. It was a crowded morning on Lemon Street with several small & large dog distractions and lots of people shopping or selling everything from plants to purses. Yummy smells of county fair type foods were coming from the many food vendors.

After our walk through the Farmer's Market we headed west to a multi-storied parking garage. Lots of exposures for the pups here....elevator, stairs, high cement ceilings and echoes. We practiced our obedience in the parking garage, a unique setting that required the pups to concentrate intently on their puppy raiser's commands.
And it was cooler in the covered garage!

It was time to head back through the streets of Sarasota to the Downtown Training Center for puppy hugging and socialization.

A small detour was made to walk over to the city bus transfer station and the pups were able to board a bus and also practice nice down/unders on the benches where lots of people were waiting for their connection.

The puppies and their raisers all enjoyed the morning that was concluded with a yummy lunch at a nearby Sarasota Main Street restaurant.

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