Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weekly Spotlight Frela 9CC10

The handsome black Labrador Retriever pictured above is 9 month old Frela 9CC10 with his raiser Sue Tomasso. Frela was born November 8, 2010. His mom is Dottie and his dad is Boomer.

An obedient, calm, & thoughtful dog who loves people of all ages, Frela especially
enjoys a good belly rub. Because of his easy demeanor and good behavior, Sue is positive Frela read and signed off on the SEGD Puppy Raiser Manual before he came to live in her home.

The Tomasso Family got involved with SEGD when Sue encouraged her 5th grade Sunday School class to choose a community service project. The class chose SEGD and raised enough money to name a puppy Martin.

Sue has been a puppy raiser since 2009 first raising Joe, a Golden Retriever and finishing Kelli, a career changed Vizsla who is now an Ambassador Dog living with Sue and her family. In just two years of volunteering she has had a hand in raising, puppy camping, and finishing 8 SEGD dogs while also holding down a job as a Psychology, Human Development, & Child Development teacher at the State College of Florida in Bradenton.  She is married to Jerry, who works in the downtown Bradenton Courthouse and mom to Allie, a senior at FGCU, John, a gifted musician who is playing in a band and Danielle, a junior at Lakewood Ranch High School.

Sue tells us she is blessed to be a part of SEGD, lucky to have made so many wonderful friends, and grateful to be a part of the lives of these incredible puppies.

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